Fighting off the cold

It’s been a busy week of training, school Christmas concerts and functions. On top of all this the school is suffering from a virus or something sweeping through the school – nothing too terrible mind you, but enough to make everyone cautious to go near anyone that is “infected” for too long.

Having said that, I have been fighting off a sore throat successfully up until now – but this last 24 hours I have noticed it getting worse. I’ve upped the echinacia and vitamin C that I am taking and will drink lots more water over the next day or so. To come down with the virus would be terrible for my training – it is going so well at the moment!

This is the last week of school before we break up for Christmas so it will be another busy one – not the best time to be ill either! But of course, if i do need to take time off I will. I will only fight up to a point.

This week’s planned KM: 29

This week’s total KM: 29

Total KM: 165


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