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Down for the Count – but back!

The same day I wrote my previous post the cold and flu that I was trying so hard to avoid caught me, rather than the other way around. Having rested up for a week it’s given my body a chance to recover unhurried, and today I started running again after a week’s break. So I am slightly behind schedule now with my running but nothing that is too worrying for me.

This week’s KM: 0

This week’s planned KM: 37

Total KM: 165


Fighting off the cold

It’s been a busy week of training, school Christmas concerts and functions. On top of all this the school is suffering from a virus or something sweeping through the school – nothing too terrible mind you, but enough to make everyone cautious to go near anyone that is “infected” for too long.

Having said that, I have been fighting off a sore throat successfully up until now – but this last 24 hours I have noticed it getting worse. I’ve upped the echinacia and vitamin C that I am taking and will drink lots more water over the next day or so. To come down with the virus would be terrible for my training – it is going so well at the moment!

This is the last week of school before we break up for Christmas so it will be another busy one – not the best time to be ill either! But of course, if i do need to take time off I will. I will only fight up to a point.

This week’s planned KM: 29

This week’s total KM: 29

Total KM: 165

Preparing for Christmas 4.0

I’ve had another busy and productive week. At school we’ve started getting right into the Christmas Concert rehearsals and at home I’ve been keeping up with all my training ending with a 14km run on Saturday.

This weekend at home we have got right into the whole Christmas thing by getting a Christmas tree. I have to say it’s one of the best Christmas trees I’ve seen – and real too. I’ll take some photos and upload them onto facebook soon.

It’s difficult to believe this will be my fourth Christmas here in the UK. We’ve made plans to have a proper family Christmas this year with my adopted family joining us here – so it’s going to be first Christmas involving children in years – crazy when I think that these days in Australia I have 5 nieces and nephews that were’nt around when I was last in Australia for Christmas!

This week’s planned KM: 32

This week’s actual KM: 32

Total KM: 136