Front Foot First

I’ve had a taste this week of what is to come. With a very busy week been and gone, and another busier week on the way, I’ve made it a point to make my running a priority around what is already my biggest priority – my job. So in running four runs throughout the week, squeezing them into my already hectic week is becoming somewhat easier since I have a 25 week training plan that to date, I am following to the letter.

I run a short recovery run on Monday, I cross-train on Tuesday doing anything of my choice that allows the legs maybe to rest a little, but still ensure a solid cardio workout. The last two weeks have seen this be a mixture of the cardio machines at the gym. On Wednesday I have my midweek, solid run that will progressively go from what was 6km this week, to eventually something like 13km. Thursday I find myself having another shorter recovery run and then my favourite – Friday – my day of rest. That rest is short lived though because on Saturday I have my main long training run for the week. This week was my down week (generally every third or fourth week) so it was just 8km, but next Saturday it will jump back up to 13km. Sunday is my 2nd rest day for the week – which is a nice change to what is usually a hectic week of bouncing between either work and the gym, or work and home in time for a run. But with shorter, darker and now colder days ahead – more running is at the gym at the moment, except for the long Saturday run where I have time to run when it is light in the morning (not being at work). There’ll be plenty more outdoor running though come February when the ice starts to disappear again.

This week’s planned KM:  24

This week’s actual KM:  24

Total KM:  75


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