ITI Journal #10: Further reflection and the Trust model

The trust model is essentially key to the way I would like to think those I work with think about me. Especially in the area of ICT the wrong kind of person can become a bit cocky and maybe even arrogant. I believe this is the biggest fear our other staff have – initially they are predisposed to the idea that “we” know a lot – probably a lot more than they will ever comprehend – hence the fear of technology and/or lack of skills. I believe it is important to proactively convince those around us this is not the case, and indeed we do show the different elements shown in the trust model.

In regards to my peer coaching last semester, I believe I could have been more proactive in getting things done. Time was essentially a large element of why my own progress in this project was limited, and also with clearer actions in the beginning I may be able to claim more success than what I actually do. Having said that, I worked closely with 2 members of staff, and we did complete some smaller-scale elements of peer coaching. I hope to be able to further develop this when we return to school in September.


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