ITI Journal #9: Reflection of My Peer Coaching

I feel my own plan for peer coaching over the last 6 months was not put entirely into practice for a number of reasons, however to a certain extent it did still exist, if only at a smaller scale to what was anticipated. Understandably the main reason for this evolves around the situation of my school only just amalgamating this academic year, and I expect I’ll be able to do more with the project in the coming academic year when we return in September. I also feel that now taking on the role of ICT co-ordinator will also empower me to take a more active role in this area, rather than just be seen as a teacher who knows a lot about ICT – To a certain degree I can now be more active in this area without being concerned about stepping into someone elses domain.

With the thought of evaluating what I have already done with peer coaching in the last six months, my main concern is centered around whether I have done enough to properly be evaluated. No doubt, with a bit of creative genius in this area I will be able to come up with something. I haven’t really formally evaluated a project like this before beyond the thinking and discussing stages. To be writing something down will take it all to a new level. However, I look forward to the challenges ahead and the experience in general, as no doubt, it will be a very beneficial learning curve for me.


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