ITI Journal #5: Personal Coaching Portfolio

The word ‘portfolio’ brings a vast number of images to mind. I’m thinking large black plastic folders containing drawings and artworks, and plastic sleeve folders containing A4 sheets of paper containing something or other of interest to someone. I don’t really have a particular idea of what my own “personal coaching portfolio” should be looking like. I try to picture how it can be used and this does help me a little.

Firstly I would want it to be adjustable. It’s not exactly something that will ever be ‘finished’ as such, so I need to be able to alter it at any given time. So with this in mind I think it needs to be digital in some way, and not in paper form.

Secondly, I want it to be accessible. I don’t want it locked into a hard drive or CD somewhere where it ultimately will metaphorically collect dust. If I am going to put my time and effort into putting such a portfolio together I would like to think that I, and indeed others, will be able to easily access it. This leads me to want to have it placed online, and linked to my blog here is an ideal example. This way I can access it at any time to add or edit its contents, and any interested persons can also have easy access to the information contained within it.

 Initially I expect the portfolio will contain mainly links to external websites or other resources I have played around with over time. Right now I can think of three sub-sections, namely: (a) content specific websites, (b) tools for the classroom, and (c) real-time examples, which I anticipate would be examples of how I have made use of some of the tools for the classroom (e.g. my class wikis, podcasting, presentations etc).

Until I can begin to see it form and mould as I enter different links and resources, I’m really not completely sure how the finished product will look. But in saying that, I’ve just answered my own query – there will be no ‘finished’ product as such, because it will continue to evolve as new resources and links become known to me. Ultimately it will be editing the whole thing that could be a bit of a nightmare.


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