ITI Journal #3: Peer Coaching and My School

 Peer coaching, as an official professional development activity does not really currently have a place within my school on a larger scale. It does have a place for Newly Qualified Teachers, where they have a mentor for the year. But as a whole school approach, nothing currently officially exists.

That’s not to say that peer coaching does not take place. On an unofficial, more casual level it certainly exists and actually has quite a large role to play. Our staff are quite a close bunch of professionals and a lot of time is spent talking with each other and bouncing ideas, sharing resources and the like. The dialogue that takes place is what contributes to a shared role in what we as teachers are doing within our own classrooms.

Introducing this form of professional development into the school will pose some great opportunities but also possible difficulties. In particular, there is great scope for some collaborative projects among some of the staff, but time and resources will pose some potential hurdles.

I am always keen to share resources and ideas amongst my colleagues, and to some extend have become known, amongst other staff, and a contributor of sorts, within our little professional community. As such, I honestly do not feel there would be any conflicting actions or feelings from other staff in respect to any perceived change in my behaviour in regards to introducing this peer coaching program on a quasi-official level. I say “quasi-official” because my intent is that it will be run at a relatively low key level initially and be evaluated throughout at at the end of the 12 month period.

Initially, I have one or two colleagues in mind that I would like to work with, based on what I know about their confidence with the integration of technology into their classrooms. I will though, hope to open to suggestion to all staff, keeping in mind that I will want to run it on  relatively low key philosophy. As such those that wish to participate will need to be happy with the idea of doing much of the collaborative work within in their own time (as would I). 


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