Using Popular Culture in the Classroom


I stumbled accross this video report from the Australian Today Tonight current affairs program. I have been able to watch a number of episodes of Summer Heights High and find it funny. I always endeavour to try and incorporate whatever I can from what my kids at school are watchig or listening to in their own time, but obviously it always comes down to what is generally appropriate for their ages etc.

 I was very impressed that it was noted in the report that it isn’t the actual episodes themselves that make them good for classroom discussions, but how the teachers choose to make use of them. The same can very well be said about technology as well – You can have all the latest technology resources available to you as a teacher, but it won’t make you a better teacher. The technology (or in this case, the episodes of Summer Heights High) is merely a tool that can be used by good teachers.


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  1. DrJoolz on

    Fabulous new blog Chris. Will definitely be popping back.
    Really nice to see this stuff going on in schools – with all the pressures on you from elsewhere I know it is hard to make the effort to include this stuff. So Fair Play to you!

  2. DrJoolz on

    Great post Sparc! I totally agree that this kind of material is spot on for the classroom.
    The guy in the film comments that the satire is above some poeple blah blah and that it should not be used in schools. This kind of comment makes me cross; all censors seem to think that others will be contaminated by films and are passive sponges, whilst they, the censors, are somehow immune. It is precisely why satire is sometimes not understood, that this material should go into schools anyway, as it is through the use of satire that people understand it and become critical readers.
    So bravo to you.

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