If you BETT, You might just win stuff!

On the weekend, I made my way to BETT, an educatinal technology show in London Olympia, where all the latest gadgets, ideas, software, hardware and systems were out on show for like minded folk. I’d never been to any of these shows before and didn’t really know what to expect. Getting around to many of the stands ended up taking me most of the day- and interesting, it certainly was!

It has motivated me to start experimenting with wikis and podcasting in school and also gave me the oppotunity to sign up for a number of trials of some cool software systems etc at school. There’ll no doubt be plenty for me to blog about in the coming weeks!

The highlight of my day though, would certainly be the fact that having entered a competition at the SMART stand, I actually won the first prize of a state of the art SMART interactive whiteboard system, worth £3000 plus! I’m even more excited with the prospects that my school doesn’t need it (we already have an excess!) and I will be able to look into selling it as soon as it arrives.

Having said this, I have to admit having had my own moral dilemma about the whole thing – considering whether I should just give it to school etc etc…. But ultimately have come to the conclusion with consultation with my headteacher.


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