Writing to Persuade – Just Add Spice!

I began doing some work with my class today which will lead them to writing their own speech and written text involving  the art of persuasion to put their points of view across.

Initially we began by brainstorming what makes up a “healthy school”, an issue and buzzword that has been bouncing around schools in this country for a number of years now.  The task led to me mentioning that like any good campaign (be it political or advertising), you need a good punch line or slogan to drive home your message.

 It gave me an exciting opportunity to show a number of television advertisements via YouTube that would not only show clever use of slogans, but also other mechanisms adopted as a means of persuading the consumer they target.

It led to some good discussion on how in some cases the slogan played a vital role in selling the product, and in other cases it was more a matter of using other devises, such as using gimmicks, celebrities and other enticements to sell the brands. One popular tv ad was a recent Tesco campaign which included the Spice Girls.

The videos opened the floor to a lot of good discussions about the different tactics of some other different brands being promoted, and of course the range of different ways that could be seen. If nothing else, it got the kids excited about coming up with their own slogan to bring home their own arguments for the speeches they are about to write.


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